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Accessibility issues – labeling

This is a very useful app however, there are some issues with accessibility and voiceover. When taking a finger and moving down to the tab area the five tabs are not properly labeled all they say is tab 1 of 5, tab 2 of 5, tab 3 of five, tab for of five and tab five of five. You have to spend an excessive amount of time searching through the screen to find where you want to be an activate the feature. This app would get five stars if the buttons were properly labeled

Good app, but why the ads???

I can’t get beyond the ads, and I just paid 2.99 hoping that they’d disappear... no such luck! What gives???

Works Great

I just bought this scanner not knowing what to expect. It works greater than I imagined it would. It scanned great, but the PDF scanner mode does need some work, but the app is great and worth the money.

Good Deal

Really nothing to complain about...I like!!!

Great little Scanner

Think this app works great. No problems, you can save if you like & is very fast!


Extremely easy and useful way to go to a web page when the author includes it!

Doesn't work at all just instantly crashes

Save your money this company doesn't support its apps

Doesn't pick up everything..:

Wish it was more reliable to pick up everything, rather than scan and scan...

Nag screen problem Retraction

The problem I was experiencing was not the QR Reader for iPhone Premium App. Sometimes I can be so dense. Anyway, the App is good and works fine, and I hope the folks at TapMedia can forgive my previous review, and keep up their good work.

A nicely done QR Scanner

Nice QR Scanner. Performs as stated.

Never fails!

This ap has been fast and accurate every time I've used it. It surpasses the other QRS aps I've had. I'd recommend it to any person wanting prompt and up-to-date comparative info.

Excellent App! Works!

Enough said. Works as advertised. It's nice to be positively surprised. Thank you.

A1 Product!

Would have given it 5 stars except I couldn't find an easy way to export the Q-code it generated of my q-card, so I could print it on a business card. Other than that, it's great!!

Super reliable and fast

I've been using this for about 8 months. Works great. Whenever I see a QR code on a poster or magazine ad or whatever, I just start this app, point the iPhone camera at the QR code, and it takes me right to the web page, etc., no fuss or bother. Recognizes the QR code almost instantly. I haven't tried any other QR code apps, but this one is simple, reliable, fast, and no clutter (I'm using the Premium version). All the things I look for in an app. I recommend it.

Love how this has evolved

This simple app has grown to be more powerful yet simple to use. Love creating my own codes as well as read them. It even reads printed urls. Just amazing.

Waste of time & $0.99

First, it took many tries for the app to sync to my iPod--by which time the convention I'd bought the app for was long over. Then the app didn't work! I "scanned" a QR code, then a bar code, and nothing happened.

Good app

This is a great app but if you use the free version it doesn't work


Easy to use, handy. Good to have.

This is the same as the free

This app is the same thing as the free one come on

Only OK

I use a new IPhone and I've had frequent issues reading small QR codes and colored codes. I'm looking for an app that works better.

Only good.

Awesome, this app is helpful.

Love this app

Does everything I need it to. I also like the ability to not only read the code but to create them as well. Thanks!

It does what's advertised to be

This app works for me.

Stuck in update mode

Worked great for a week. Said it needed updating – and has been stuck in that mode since then and not working.


This app is just what I was searching for! I needed a QR Reader that had a built-in browser, and voila! Here is the app I've been looking for! I will be using this thin A LOT, and it is much better than RedLaser (because of the browser feature, and instant loading) Thanks, it works perfect. Don't remove any features in the future!

cool app

thank you!

iPod owner

Unable to get this app to work! Thank you

Works exactly as promised and is very intuitive

This is the first QR scanner I have tried and it does exactly as advertised

Thumbs up

Great app


I didn't have much use at first but now I'm using it every time I can.

Iq scanner

Awesome!!ihave a iPhone 3GS works great !!

QR reader

Great! Really fast


Works perfectly creates real qr codes for whatever awesome

Works amazing!!!

Excellent reader!

Works great. Easy interface. Price is right.

Not much experience here, but this was easy.

Works great

Works great


Very reliable.

Awesome app!!

I love it! Works great!!

Works great I love it!

Love it!

Works perfectly

What idiot can't work this program? Those cases sounds like operator issues, not a software issue. This program works great. It takes you right to the intended site!!


Does not work


4 stars instead of 5 because of lack of docs. Works great and it's FAST. Using iPhone4 5.0.1

Does not work for me

I have tried dozens of codes. None of them has worked for me . Unfortunately there are no instructions to help me I have to rate it no good.


This is a user friendly app. It produces great results, it is easy to use, and has great features to help the user find correct information about a particular product. You will be impressed so try it today.

Love this App!!!

This App. works great and very fast response. Highly recommend.

Love this app!

It works very well!


Great little app. Works well with product info web sites.

Works exactly as a QR scanner should

The ability to create various QR codes yourself to display on your phone and have other scan to instantly receive different types of information is also a very nice feature.

Best scanner app

The only scanner app I've used that never fails!

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