QR Reader for iPhone (Premium) App Reviews

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Funktioniert nicht. I-phone 4s

QR code reader

Not much good when only a half page shows up!!


I have gotten this by mistake and I should be able to get my money back. I want my money back

Fast but others do the same for free !

I got this too quickly before looking around. Other free apps do the same. Though this one is the fastest one...

QR reader for the iPhone

Very good app


love it...fast connection and easy to use...thanks!!

It does what it is supposed to do

I do not know whats wrong with the detractors of this app but for me on an iPhone 4S, QR Reader does exactly what TapMedia Ltd claims the app is supposed to do. It scans wonderfully well. I just wish that TapMedia Ltd had an available SDK because I can think of many apps at work where QR Reader could be of great use.

Does not read all codes

I tried to scan 2 different codes in magazine ads and it did not read them! Seems they are too small for scanner to focus. Very Frustrating, suppose to be the best in the market, dont think so.

Never missed.

It has read everything I ever asked it to. Best reader Ive used.

Great features, needs more work

- Documentation: some sort of tutorial or help file would be useful. There are many features that look to be really good, but it can be difficult to know how / what they actually do. - It is possible to hang the app up, requiring a shutdown of the iPhone if you want to get this app going again - e.g. in Favorites, list mode, start a search, then switch back to icon mode; youre done - no way to switch back.


A good app, and easy to customize.

Not working with IOS 8

I upgraded to IOS 8 and ever since QR Reader (Premium) wont startup or work. But yet the free version works great. Anyone else having problems getting the premium version to work with IOS 8?

Great app to use

Very easy to use. Great app to have.


Easy and useful.

Problem with non-latin symbols

Crashes on attempt to make vCard with Russian letters in the contact first or last name.

Works Great

I just bought this scanner not knowing what to expect. It works greater than I imagined it would. It scanned great, but the PDF scanner mode does need some work, but the app is great and worth the money.

As promised

Reads everything so far. Delighted w it.


Works fine on my 4S even at odd angles.

Best scanner app

The only scanner app Ive used that never fails!

Works exactly as a QR scanner should

The ability to create various QR codes yourself to display on your phone and have other scan to instantly receive different types of information is also a very nice feature.

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